Building Network for Communication

We are a new Breed of Network & System Integrator

Teletech Services is a complete Computer Reseller/Network Integrator focusing on customer satisfaction and corporate productivity. Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure they stay up-to-date with the evolution of business processes and information technology.

We have been providing consultations, network designs, installations and full service support. Our Engineering Support Group has earned top certifications from industry leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Novell and Citrix.

Large technology companies do not typically develop long-term relationships with small companies that use their products, therefore, computer resellers serve as a knowledgeable technology resource that is close to your business. Which means, you can get immediate assistance when you need it, rather than waiting on hold or navigating though a complicated voicemail system. At Teletech Services we provide 24 hour, 365 days a year service for your emergency needs.

We can assist you with technological problems, and put an end to those nagging network/system problems. By developing a strong relationship with client we assure that they we are knowledgeable with your existing system and needs. Therefore, we can create a technological environment that is more effective, cost efficient and trouble-free.

We realize that every company has unique requirements. No single "off the shelf" solution will work for all customers. Your unique network and computing requirements are built into your own individual system. Thus making your system more effective and user friendly.

If you need a technical support expert or engineer, perhaps it's time you Teletech Services, a complete Computer Reseller, Systems and Network Integrator.