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Teletech Services, focus on Network & System Integration provided by team of highly qualified, trained and certified engineers to support clients computer and connectivity needs, these keywords are the origin of company's name.

Our sphere includes system integrations, strategic information planning, system analysis, design and development, training and system maintenance.

On many purpose of customers we can provide system integration in multi-platform, multi-protocol and multi-communications media environment. Through a talented team of professional experienced in computer hardware, software, and networking.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading provider of Information Technology services to Corporate by our exceptional ability to help achieve their business goals through the design, implementation and support of enterprise-wide information technology solutions.

We focus on LAN, WAN, Network Security Consulting, TCP/IP Design , Firewall, VPN, IDS ( Intrusion Detection System ) , Vulnerability Scanning and Hardening , Centralized management Antivirus services.


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Another idea for our site text is notifying visitors about the enhancements we put on my site. For example, we appreciate visitors to fill out our Survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about our site, our business, or our site topics.






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